LET’S DO THIS. Dysautonomia International knows how to party. They know that #GivingTuesday is the best, and want to make it last every day of December. I used to think of charity in the abstract. I participated in service projects, I bought wristbands, I practiced my vocab to donate grains of rice. I gave $5… Continue reading #GivingTuesday

Speak up

First things first: I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I got to see some of my best friends from high school when they came home for break and we TORE IT UP. (By that, I mean we went out for sandwiches and watched television together. Exactly like we did in high school.) As… Continue reading Speak up

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Sweaters never made for great coping mechanisms anyway

Because this is my blog and I have a million thoughts and feelings, I give you a break from our regularly scheduled chats on life with autonomic dysfunctions and bring you chats on people talking about this infamous sweater from Target: There are several ways people are reacting to this sweater. Hey! Funny joke! They’re poking… Continue reading Sweaters never made for great coping mechanisms anyway

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