About me

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Oh hey, funny meeting you here!

My name is Shannon, and I live in Chicago, by way of the Washington, D.C. suburbs, with my very mean cat, Popcorn. I’m a sales rep for a custom apparel and promotional products company.

Shannon's senior tortoiseshell cat, Popcorn, sitting on a white pillow and looking off to the left

I have Hyperadrenergic POTS (dysautonomia), probably EDS but who knows, IBS, ADHD (without hyperactivity), OCD, anxiety, and depression sprinkled in for good measure. (You can read my overly detailed diagnosis story here.)

In my spare time, I volunteer for Dysautonomia International and I write to share my experiences about my life and health so others like me will feel less alone.

This blog started primarily with the intention of writing about dysautonomia, but quickly expanded to include stories about mental health, young adulthood, navigating the health care system, and chronic illness as a whole. If it’s something I’ve experienced, you’ll find it here.

I love spending time in art museums, making frequent trips to Target, ordering takeout, having private concerts singing alone in my car, buying expensive candles, having potluck dinners with friends, derailing book clubs, and bingewatching television..

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Portrait graciously provided by Tina Leu Photography with hair and makeup by Audrey Denison