Not every one of these resources applies directly to coping with dysautonomia, but every resource here has been beneficial to me or to a friend or family member.

Are you newly diagnosed to dysautonomia? Check out my Starter Kit which breaks down some resources step by step!

Information about dysautonomia

Blogs & Websites

Social media accounts

Facebook support groups

Doctor finders and databases

Some of my favorite posts and articles

Apps and tools

  • Flowly – VR biofeedback at home using your own phone
  • Folio – this app lets you store bank cards and scan all kinds of important cards and documents, so when you forget your wallet or are missing something, all you have to do is open your app. I use this to store my insurance cards, COVID vaccine cards, and other health documents so I always have them with me.
  • Heartmath – biofeedback at home
  • Monash University Low FODMAP App – costs $13, but is such a good resource if you’re on a low FODMAP diet–makes everything easy to understand and search
  • Supercook – recipe search by what ingredients you have at home
  • VacayAbility – imagine Yelp where every review is written by your chronically ill and disabled friends. An invaluable resource created by Natasha Graves.
  • WeatherX – app and ear plugs to help with barometric pressure changes. I only use the app to track pressure changes and it is fantastic.


Movies and videos

Shops that support dysautonomia research and great products for dysautonomia

Hydration Supplements