Refills and phone calls

I’ve been trying to get my Hyoscyamine refilled since Thursday.

I went to the pharmacy because I was all out and asked for an emergency supply while they called my doctor.

Today, I called the pharmacy to ask if they’d heard back from my doctor.

They hadn’t.

I called my doctor. They were on lunch break. I left a message asking them to call in a refill to my pharmacy.

They called me back. It’s been a year since I’ve seen them, and so they’re not supposed to give me a refill until I have a check up, but they’ll give me one just this once!

So they’ll call the pharmacy, I’ll call the front desk.

I call the front desk to make an appointment. There’s a lock on my account from an unpaid balance so I can’t make an appointment until that’s paid. They connect me to the billing department.

The billing department answers. They ask for an account number. I don’t have an account number. I explain what’s happening. They tell me that my balance is from an old collections company and the forward me to them.

I speak to the next person, her name was Karen. I tell her what’s up and give her my information. She tells me my balance was paid last Saturday. I ask her to call the front desk and tell them that. She keeps me on the line and lets me know it’s done.

I call the front desk back and ask for an appointment, so I can get my prescription. They ask me when I’d like to come in. As soon as possible. Do I want to see the doctor, or a PA, they ask. Anyone, I tell them. Just get me in.

After several minutes of searching, I’m booked for an appointment tomorrow morning at 10 AM with a PA.

I go to the pharmacy an hour later to drop off prescriptions for antibiotics and cough syrup. (I have a cold.) My pharmacist asks me if my gastroenterologist is going to call her back with the prescription.

“They didn’t call?” I ask.
“No,” she says.”