Not every one of these resources applies directly to coping with dysautonomia, but every resource here has been beneficial to me or to a friend or family member.

Information about dysautonomia


Social media accounts

Facebook support groups

Doctor finders and databases

Some of my favorite posts and articles

Apps and tools

  • Flowly – VR biofeedback at home using your own phone
  • Heartmath – biofeedback at home
  • Supercook – recipe search by what ingredients you have at home
  • VacayAbility – imagine Yelp where every review is written by your chronically ill and disabled friends. An invaluable resource created by Natasha Graves.
  • WeatherX – app and ear plugs to help with barometric pressure changes. I only use the app to track pressure changes and it is fantastic.


Movies and videos

Shops that support dysautonomia research and great products for dysautonomia

  • (select Dysautonomia International!)
  • Fighter Wear – super popular at conferences
  • Hydrate Club subscription box – lets you try out different hydration supplements every month, run by an amazing volunteer for Dysautonomia International
  • Liquid IV – hydration supplement, Dysautonomia International Sponsor; check out discount codes on Dysautonomia International, also look for deals on Amazon & CostCo
  • NormaLyte – hydration supplement, Dysautonomia International Sponsor
  • Spoonie Sister Shop – great apparel, accessories
  • Vitassium – hydration supplement, Dysautonomia International Sponsor