About me

I’m Shannon, and I live in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. with my family and our rambunctious Golden Retrievers, Duke and Casey.

I’m a sales rep for a t-shirt company and I’ll always make myself available to go with anyone to Target. I live for all things related to Stephen Colbert. I adore independent musicians (namely/especially Jenny Owen Youngs) and make the most out of my Spotify membership.

When my health and schedule allows, I try to see as many comedians and tapings of late night television shows as possible–I used to love concerts but they never let you sit down.

I have Hyperadrenergic POTS (Dysautonomia), IBS, ADHD (without Hyperactivity), OCD, Anxiety, and Depression sprinkled in for good measure. (You can read my overly detailed diagnosis story here.)

While this might be an abundance of information for some, I’ve spent a long time keeping big parts of my life secret for fear of being judged. Stigma sucks. I’m done with it.

Some things I love:

  • air conditioning
  • browsing Etsy for hours even though I can’t afford anything
  • micro-fleece and weighted blankets
  • sending unexpected pictures of celebrities, politicians, and animals to friends
  • trashy TV marathons with friends
  • using the “oh my doctor told me to get more salt in my diet” excuse for whatever I eat
  • yoga pants
  • dressing up my dogs on Halloween:

    the loves of my life, Duke and Casey
    the loves of my life, Duke and Casey

Some things I abhor:

  • bad battery life on phones and laptops
  • buffering
  • doing laundry
  • humidity
  • sitting still and upright
  • standing
  • not having a turquoise (or a variety of) awareness ribbon emoji(s) (It’s 2018, Apple. C’mon.)

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Portrait graciously provided by Tina Leu Photography with hair and makeup by Audrey Denison