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Hi, team. Coronavirus/COVID-19 is here, and it’s happening.

And I’ll be real. I’m scared. I was in denial, even when scientists said “it’s going to spread, it’s going to spread” I, and I think everyone else in the country, thought “but we’ll be OK.”

As my therapist will always tell me in a scary situation–

In a scenario where we don’t have enough information, when we still don’t know the ending, we should operate under the assumption that the ending WILL be just fine, while still taking precautions. (A little bit of “hope for the best, prepare for the worst,” but tell yourself the ending will be OK, even when you’re panicking.)

I was born and raised in the Mormon faith tradition and their culture is ALL. ABOUT. PREPAREDNESS. Growing up, we had activities where we learned how to help our families prepare for disasters and emergencies (seems kind of strange for 7-year-olds in retrospect), but I’m glad I was a part of these, because those, along with my therapist’s advice, have helped me enter a kind of zen state of mind where I focus mostly on wanting others to wash their damn hands and stay at home.

This state of mind has also allowed me to engage in really uncomfortable conversations with people where I challenge their thinking about this pandemic. Some people want to take this opportunity where the world is bunkering down and isolating to take advantage of cheap flights to go on vacation. That doesn’t fly with me (no pun intended.) I’ve been calling people out and it’s really uncomfortable, but it’s necessary.

I invite you all to do the same, because this is how we keep people safe. Social isolation, staying in place, eliminating as much contact as possible, is how we eliminate the spread of disease. Wash your hands. Don’t shake hands. Sneeze and cough into your elbow or a tissue.

Below are resources I am collecting to help inform you all and help you feel empowered. I will update this regularly, and try to keep it full of relevant information for those of us with dysautonomia.

Don’t panic, but do take every precaution.

And you can read a Facebook post of mine about the importance of self-isolation here.


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