Thanks, friends

A quick post.

Without getting into specifics, the last few months have been some of the hardest in my life.

I’m on the upswing right now (knock on wood, pray I don’t jinx it), but I imagine this fall has been just as difficult on my loved ones.

So this Thanksgiving, thank you to everyone in my life whose patience is unending and whose loyalty is unwavering and who still love me no matter what side of myself I reveal to them.

An extra special thank you to people who encourage me to share stories and write and try my hand at being creative (however infrequently). Thank you for making me feel like I have something worth saying.


I hope you eat an amazing amount of turkey and potatoes and stuffing, and that you enjoyed watching the turkeys get pardoned by the president as much as I did. (It’s the best tradition our country has.)

Enjoy one of my all time favorite Stephen Colbert videos while you’re at it.

Happy Turkey.

And thanks for listening.

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